You feel a little awkward admitting you don't like something that everyone else seems to like (like Oreos) amirite?

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I find bacon disgusting.

Marshmallows are literally the grossest things ever.

Wunderscores avatar Wunderscore Yeah You Are +6Reply

Hot dogs. And not just because of what they're made of. They also taste disgusting to me.

Harpers avatar Harper Yeah You Are +5Reply

I fucking hate oreos.

But not oreo frosties.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are +3Reply

Finding Nemo.


Ethans avatar Ethan Yeah You Are +2Reply

I'm a girl that hates chocolate... I understand.

xxnkatxxs avatar xxnkatxx Yeah You Are +2Reply

The smell of beef jerky makes me nauseous.

Fred_Weasleys avatar Fred_Weasley Yeah You Are +1Reply

Brown sodas...

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Oh! And Skittles! I'm weird about them. Kind of OCD when it come to Skittles because I have to dump them out, arrange them by color, then I only eat the red and green ones.

Barbecue chips, actually really barbecue anything. Barbecue is just icky.

Weeping_Angels avatar Weeping_Angel Yeah You Are 0Reply

I don't feel awkward at all. I hate carbonation and love oatmeal rasin cookies. So what? It just means I'm never disapointed when I think a cookie is chocolate chip and drink more water when I'm at parties or friend's houses. I'm also healthier.

Cheetos. And my friend can't stand soda or bubbly drinks.

Sassthiss avatar Sassthis Yeah You Are 0Reply

I don't like cheese. :D My friend was very opposed to this and picked me up and tried to throw me out of his apartment.

Aimzs avatar Aimz No Way -5Reply
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