It sucks when something really small but really crucial breaks, like the home button on your iPhone or the zipper on your backpack, because then the entire expensive thing is useless and you have to buy another. Amirite?

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Most of the time, those small things can be fixed though. I made quite a bit of money back in high school fixing people's broken ipods/phones/computers. There's an online tutorial for just about everything these days.

You could buy a new zipper and put it on yourself or fix the iPhone. Most people just don't want to put the time into it and end up throwing away perfectly good things

Y'know that tiny little pin inside the charger hole in laptops? That fell out of mine and they said to fix it they'd need to replace the whole motherboard, which would cost more than the computer had in the first place -_-

You can have a virtual home button on your iPhone/iPod. (Just incase that problem was a reality for you!) :D

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