It's a mixed feeling when you show someone something you drew or wrote and they respond with complete disbelief. It's flattering that they think your work is of such high standard, but insulting that they think you're not good enough for that standard, amirite?

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You seem like one of those people who if someone said "You look nice today" you'd be like "Today??? What is that supposed to mean?!"

Happened to me at school. I had English teachers that hated me for 3 years, telling me I couldn't go on to a higher level of english. I got sick of it and asked the Head of Secondary to put me in a higher level. Then, in that level, in my last year of school. I wrote a story in an exam, expecting to fail. I come out with a 93%. My teacher, also an Author, told me she loved the story and all the ones I've written that year. In disbelief of course, because of my past marks. But yeah, That shit SUCKS! :(

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The greatest compliment I've ever received was being called a liar when I showed a friend a wood carving of mine. Yea, he may have felt I wasn't capable of that, but I don't mind. I knew I was. Peace

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