You could really go for a mango smoothie right about now, amirite?

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I really thought you were just talking about mango smoothies, I was like "Yeah, you know what? I would like a mango smoothie, that sounds like a good idea".

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cannibalism is generally frowned upon in my eyes

My favorite part of these mango posts is that everyone is going to change their profile picture eventually.

I don't want to hear another thing about mangoes ever in my life.

Hey (cry2)

@Your_Best_Friend Hey (cry2)

i want to lick your mango

It's called a Lassi.

@iceeselenawiz It's called a Lassi.

(incase I get hated on, I'm making a reference for brown people)

Mmm. hello smilie

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I just want to put everyone who has a mango profile picture into a huge ass blender... watch everyone's agony

Redundant mango prejudice rage is redundant - but anyway,


I s'pose I could help you out with that...

I missed the memo apparently...but why are so many display pics mangoes?

@Brunettie91 I missed the memo apparently...but why are so many display pics mangoes?

A group of people (I'm not sure of all of them but I know myself, Your_Best_Friend, Brettward95, Frostehh, Blake11roys, a few others I don't feel like listing) had this plan that one day, we were going to change our avatar to pictures of ActionMan in disguise (so like a picture of hon with a hat and moustache photoshopped on). Well, the A-man shut that down quickly and told us to change our picture which is when Truuninja, I think, told us to change it to a picture of this particular mango. Then it caught on. Quickly.

@mchalla3 Why'd Anthony ban that? It's harmless.

Action man, not Anthony. I wish he'd let them, the pictures are hilarious.

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