Glee ruins perfectly good songs, amirite?

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obviously you haven't heard kids bop

Glee makes music sound generic. Yuck. But Kids Bop is somehow worse

I can't help but disagree. I really love the glee versions, but i mean its your opinion. I personally don't think they ruin them. Maybe They don't make them better, but I definitely don't think they ruin them. Kidz Bob ruins them. Just my opinion though.

Of course you would, Brock...

I'd like the show if it wasn't one big musical. I hate musicals...

I'm listening to Glee right now. Although I do agree with the thing about Kidz Bop.

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Kids Bob.. and Glee. I mean, just write a song. Sure, it's not easy, but it's better than having entirely covers.

Glee hasn't ever covered an good songs to begin with

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