Three reasons not to commit suicide: •You were the sperm that won •It would affect everyone, from the delightful girl you would have married to the boy you were supposed to help out during a tough time in their life •Even if it is the easy way out for everyone else, you should find solace in keeping yourself and finding a way, amirite?

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There is no way any suicidal person would find solace in this post I'm sorry

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@There is no way any suicidal person would find solace in this post I'm sorry

It's not really intended to stop a suicidal person from attempting to take their own life, it's obviously going to take much more than that, but it's just a reminder of the things you have going for you and to make sure you know how big of a part you'd someone's daily life you could be now and in the future

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Wow, I was really expecting the third point to be sarcastic and joking.

@chch yeah me too...kind of a let down

Yeah, but sometimes if the final point is just a joke, it makes me feel weird for agreeing with the first two points, because then I think, "Oh, you didn't really mean what you said in your first two points. You just needed to make some stuff up to lead everyone up to the big joke."

I feel like somebody keeps homepaging these posts just to piss Nacklefoodle off

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Suicidal people hear this kind of stuff way too often. I have a friend who was close to killing himself a couple months ago (He didn't, thank goodness), and someone sent him a tumblr ask that said "Suicide is a perminant solution to a temporary problem"
His reply? "I've heard this way too many times"

I know you have good intentions, and sometimes little things can save people, but more often than not you're one of one thousand voices telling strangers to try and stay alive with empty words.

When I was depressed I didn't care that I was the "Sperm who won" or anything about my future. I was miserable. And nothing was going to change that.

I don't want to marry a girl... Also the last point is seriously confusing.

Where the fuck is the joke that was the reason this was Homepaged? Seriously, why was this even homepaged.

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