it would be cool if shoes kept statistics. Like how far you've walked, average speed, farthest distance on one trip, etc. amirite?

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How many leaves you've stepped on, how many bugs you've squished, how many round house kicks you've given...stuff like this would be interesting to know

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buy a pedometer

@Snicker buy a pedometer

Those mostly just tell you how many steps you walked. Some kind of device that runs Runkeeper would be better.

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same... at first...

Lebron James' new line of shoes keep track of a lot running stats. It's pretty exciting

I think statistical shows would suck donkeypenis

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Nike has those chips you can put inside your shoe that tell you how far you ran, how many steps, average speed, whatever else.

Lots of shoes do. Derrick Rose 3s, Dwight Howard's, they do a lot more if
You play basketball. Can't wait to get mine

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