You know something terrible is happening when your doctor hands you your prescription and says "YOLO", amirite?

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"Here are your #swaqq supplements, take dos and text me in the morning."



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@Axolotl yellowsawg

omagawsh u fuckin pozers.
ur 4ll h0rniii s1mpl3to0ns

Waiting for AppAwesome to rate this. This is a good one y smilie

Treldmans avatar Treldman Yeah You Are +3Reply

YAY!!! <3 Congrats Lucy! <3

Or when you're being seen by a new doctor who has no idea what to do; giving you a prescription that sounds/looks right

maumaus avatar maumau Yeah You Are +2Reply

:DDD I think things are finally turning around! Two awesome POTDs in a row :DDD

B10ckH34ds avatar B10ckH34d Yeah You Are +1Reply

This sounds like an STI/STD commercial to me, for some reason.

Now that I think about it, it all depends on his tone. If he says it all serious and stuff, then it might mean you only live once, so take the medicine and don't die. If he's sounds high or overly happy, then you should worry.

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"Give it to me straight doc" "YOLO" "nevermind i'm gonna commit suicide now anyways"

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