In Iran, where women have to cover all of their body, a woman beat up a man for telling her to cover up better. Sure, she probably should not have knocked him to the ground and gotten him hospitalized, but it's good she stood up for herself, amirite?

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I don't know how I managed to, but somehow I read this as 'a woman beat up a man for not telling her to cover up better'. Which utterly and completely changes the message of this post

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I think the guy deserved to be hit, since (to my knowledge) men are allowed to
hit women there. That may be just based on their religion though.

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Yeah, but in the other hand, he may have just been trying to be helpful. I think the reason for covering is that men will get so aroused by a tiny but of skin thy they will e helpless but to rape her. That's probably outdated by a few centuries, but a lot of religious rules are.

I think there's also a thing about exclusive viewing rights for the husband, like an extreme version of only the husband being allows to see boobs. That ones completely unreasonable.

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Sophie! Its me, Cesca. That's my post. Dunno what happened to the woman. The newspaper didn't say

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Lol are you two friends or something?

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