If your boyfriend/girlfriend gave you money as a gift, you would feel somewhat unloved because they didn't really put much thought into it, amirite?

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Why? Then you could go out and buy whatever you want!

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@Turtle Why? Then you could go out and buy whatever you want!

You can always buy whatever you want. But it's feels special when you look at the gift every now and then and remember how someone actually put thought into buying something special for you.

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@iceeselenawiz You can always buy whatever you want. But it's feels special when you look at the gift every now and then and...

Well, good point. I guess I'm just weird since I really don't mind if my boyfriend gives me money instead of buying something for me. We buy each other things often, regardless.

I'd rather get money than most things from anybody.

I'd rather get money than anything else from other people. But I'd rather my boyfriend give me a five dollar teddy bear or something than a twenty dollar bill.

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It's cuter though if they put thought into it though. It makes the gift seem more sincere. If you just got money it would feel like they just forgot and gave you what they had on them.

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I'd prefer money too. But a nicer way would be to take you shopping. That way it doesn't seem like you're getting "paid" for something....and you get to buy whatever you want.

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I share money with my other half anyway. We'll give each other money here and there when we need it, so it's just not special. In situations like that it genuinely is the thought that counts most.

I would be upset if my boyfriend gave me money... I wouldn't even accept it. The first thing I'd do is assume that they forgot whatever special occasion it was or didn't think of me.

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Agree completely. I'm like the next person in that I love seeing the green stuff fall out of the birthday envelope, but as a present from someone like a boyfriend that I truly care about, I'd feel disappointed if all I received was some money. This reminds me of that episode from The Office where Jim made that amazing gift for Pam based on the memories they had together. What a sweetie. l smilie

Well like a girf card would be nice. He always hears you complain about not having enough school material ( example) and he gives you a gift card for staples

My boyfriend (and friends) knows me well enough to get me what I want and even if he didn't I prefer getting something silly rather than money - at least I'll know he tried and put some effort and thought into it. Money is something you get from your grand-aunt.

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It depends on why they gave you the gift. If it was for your birthday or anniversary feeling this way would be understandable. If it was because he/she just felt like giving you a gift it's a really nice thought.

I prefer money, there's less chance of me not liking the gift and I can save the money until there's something I really want.

NO. That stuff is non-parentally-taxable. My mom has a deathgrip on my bank account, and any gift money is MINE!!

I rather hate the "money shows you didn't put much thought into it" philosophy and some agree with me while others disagree.

That being said, discuss with your partner/friend and see what works for them.

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I'm really surprised at the amount of people who NW'd this. Most people I tell this to in real life couldn't agree more.

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