The emoticon ;( just doesn't make sense, amirite?

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someone got something in their eye and is not happy about it

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Perhaps they did their eyeliner with a wing on one eye, the other is normal, and they're sad because they can't decide if they like the wing or not.

Maybe it's supposed to be crying.

@Frank_n_Furter Maybe it's supposed to be crying.

I use ::( for crying

And about the post, SEWCDF stands for
Silly Evil Winking Crying Devil Face


My friends and I use ;c which is basically the same. We use it when something isn't sad enough for :( or :c

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I think the ;( face is for when you want to look like Popeye without the pipe.

I always just thought it was a typo

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The comma part of the semicolon is a tear ;(

Add some angry eyebrows, and it's the BDSM emoticon! >;(

It looks like it had a stroke

It's if you're feeling "hurt" in a sarcastic, ironic, or sexual way.

"oh, you don't think I'm sexy? ;(("

someone is doing a handstand while crying, duh

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It's for one handed people.

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I'm guessing the joke was that with one hand, you wouldn't be to able hold shift to ; into :, but it doesn't make sense because you need to hold shift anyways to make 9 into (, and you can just press caps lock if you're really that desperate.

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@Disco Caps lock doesn't change characters like shift does, though.

It does on my PC, though now that you say that I'm noticing that it doesn't on my laptop.

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