Most people have wrong views on evanglists. Even though they may be annoying, they are also taking time from their lives to convert you because they care for you. Even if you are a complete stranger, amirite?

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I've never heard anything bad about Evangelists. I've mainly heard about Baptists and Catholics. hmm smilie

Anyways, I agree and disagree with the post. I don't think people should look at them like they're Satan for trying to convert you ( hehe smilie ) because, essentially, they are trying to do something nice, but if keep trying even after you've expressed how you don't want to hear it, I think it's okay to get annoyed. If that person doesn't want to be converted and has expressed that multiple times, they shouldn't keep pushing it and pushing it.

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We're *NSYNC. goo smilie I call being Justin Timberlake.

Most people do not want to be converted. I don't care if they're trying to 'help' me, I don't need help, it's annoying, and it makes me like the religion less.

I absolutely agree. It's not fair to just write them off as annoying, even though they are. Regardless of whether or not you believe, or whether or not what they have to say matters to you, it matters to them. They're trying to help you with something that is literally the single most important thing in the Universe to them, and that's pretty meaningful.

Honestly, they're annoying to us in the sense that family and friends are annoying to a drug addict during an intervention. We should probably be a little more appreciative.

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