You own at least one item from a cheesy commercial (a snuggie, shamwow, pillowpet, etc.) amirite?

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One my dad found out that CVS has an "As Seen on TV!" section, so he got us all Snuggies to wear to sporting events.

ctiscoolers avatar ctiscooler Yeah You Are +8Reply

I have a pillow pet and when I told my little cousin she made fun of me wary smilie she was 5 at the time

eastcoasts avatar eastcoast Yeah You Are +7Reply

I have a Magic Bullet.

elarniss avatar elarnis Yeah You Are +5Reply

I got a snuggie as a gag gift in ninth grade but I kind of secretly wanted it anyway and my friends and I all got matching ones so I feel no shame. Snuggie's are a comfy waste of money.

monika13s avatar monika13 Yeah You Are +4Reply

My dad saw the snuggle commercial and bought four. Not even as a joke or anything, he was so impressed by the commercial that he legitimately thought he needed four of them.

I also want a unicorn pillow pet wary smilie

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +2Reply

I have a snuggie and my brother has a pillow pet, but we got them as gag gifts

AnneArkys avatar AnneArky Yeah You Are +1Reply

I have a ShamWow and I got a pillowpet as a gift.

I have a PedEgg, which works great, and a Smooth Away, which doesn't work so well.

I have a magic bullet, a snuggie and a pillow pet

Blucatts avatar Blucatt Yeah You Are 0Reply

I have a homemade Snuggie, so it's okay

lucyjoans avatar lucyjoan Yeah You Are 0Reply

My dad got me a Snuggie for Valentine's Day. The year before he got me a blanket. When he gave me the Snuggie, he said, "That's better than a bogus blanket." I said, "Yeah it's a bogus blanket with sleeves!"

mdakess avatar mdakes Yeah You Are 0Reply

My mum bought a hula chair. Now we use it as a regular, slightly uncomfortable chair. I'm very embarrassed.

I have the InStyler, but I don't know if the commercial is considered cheesy. It really works well, though!

Have a Slap Chop. It works well, but it's so hard to push down. It says in the commercial its so easy, but it actually takes a lot of effort to push down the thing.

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