Sometimes when you're out in public (like on a city bus or at a park etc) and you are deeply thinking about yourself and your darkest secrets, you get kind of paranoid that maybe someone is reading your mind and judging you, amirite?

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I people could read my thoughts, I am pretty sure I would be put away to an insane asylum

Wooohooos avatar Wooohooo Yeah You Are +3Reply

That's when I think to myself

'If you can hear this, cough now.'

BagelFinagles avatar BagelFinagle Yeah You Are +3Reply

kid of paranoid?

Anonymous +2Reply
@kid of paranoid?

could've sworn amirite was above this sort of this

@kid of paranoid?

aw man, there's always a mistake :S

justsupers avatar justsuper Yeah You Are 0Reply

No, because then I realized that if someone can read people's minds, they're probably used to this shit.

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