"The human body is beautiful", is not an excuse to post half naked photos online, amirite?

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Depends on the person hello smilie

maumaus avatar maumau Yeah You Are +19Reply

Yeah! Its only an excuse to post FULL naked photos. Dont "half ass" it people

If the person is of age to be taking those photos, then why not? The human body IS beautiful in it's anatomy and the way it functions, so why not appreciate it? If you get upset over seeing a naked body then you need to realize that it's just a BODY.

Madies avatar Madie No Way +5Reply

There is artistic nudity, and hoeish nudity. Artistic nudity and the beauty of the human body is nice when done properly, but a skimpy bikini with a duck face in the bathroom mirror is trash. The two should not be confused.

Thatbitchs avatar Thatbitch Yeah You Are +4Reply

I'm totally gonna take a picture of myself with no pants on and make it my Facebook picture with the caption "the Human Body is beautiful".

Anonymous +4Reply

I take it you're one of those people who don't think there's ANY excuse to put half naked photos online?

And for the record, if they defend putting half naked pictures online with "bodies are beautiful" then yes, that is an excuse.

If you took a really good photo or drew a good picture, is the name of beauty not a good reason to put it online?

OR how about people don't need an excuse because it's up to them what they do with their body, and they can decide for themselves as to whether it's "trashy" or not

I'm disappointed that there weren't hot Amiriters posting half naked picture on this post.

Lens avatar Len Yeah You Are +1Reply

But, but if its a 14 year old girl, who just want to show people her boobs then is it beautiful or trashy?

Anonymous 0Reply
@But, but if its a 14 year old girl, who just want to show people her boobs then is it beautiful or trashy?

Did a 14-year-old girl actually do this? Because that's pretty hard to believe.

Madies avatar Madie No Way 0Reply
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