When you hear people speaking British, you secretly wish you could too. amirite?

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lol "speaking British"

British is a language now?

I prefer speaking American

I speak Canadian eh?

It's not a language;)


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Stetsons! Don't forget the stetsons!

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same with me, but the other way around!

I can only speak one language. I tried learning English, but it's too hard so I'm going to stick with Chinese.

I can speak Argentina :) Who else speaks a new language as of now?

Just watch Jeremy Kyle. You won't think British accents are so nice after that.

I speak, write and understand 4 languages ;)

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I can do a pretty good sort of London-y accent. Doctor doctor, I need you quick . My friends are making offensive noises!

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ono smilie

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Not all of us do :) I love British accents much better than American, Irish and Scottish accents on men are just sexy! <3

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