British Election Update for Americans - Gordon Brown, unelected Prime Minster, is stepping down, so that another person can step up to become unelected Prime Minister, only this time, they didn't even win the election. Ahhh democracy , amirite?

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Everyone posting above me except Ant is an ignorant cunt.

Amerifags? That was uncalled for.

Hey Anthony you suspended me (Becky) for saying Eff Britain but OP completely disses America, and no suspension? Come on...

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Let's put it this way: Brits don't care for America's politics, Americans don't care for Britain's politics. THE END. And also, "Amerifags" was quite uncalled for.

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You haven't even listened to news properly at ALL. we're a hung parliament therefore there'll be another vote in 6 months either way. and i really doubt that they are going to team up with labour as everyone hates them.

you didn't need to say to americans you could of made this post simple without sounding like a prick.

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There was really no need for that as some users on this website don't even know who Gordon Brown is.

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How immature.

ban for a week for not caring about the British election? seriously? how sad. One little reboot of the router and it's gone.

Guess the OP was right about one thing. Democracy doesn't mean a thing when the freedom of speech is impended on. Or, at least, someone tries to impend on it.

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Nobody cares.

Ah, Britain, where the only people who give a shit about it are the brits.

No one in America, or anywhere else for that matter, cares for half a second about your election.

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fuck Britain in the ass you like it that way...amerifags? I'm pretty sure your guys are way gayer

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Yay! I love Britain!! ♥♥

Amerfags??? Really, no even gives a shit about your country's election

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