It sucks when you're working in a group and you have to come up with a group name. You come up with all these awesome ideas, but nobody else likes them, amirite?

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Pssht... I can't see why people don't like my names when we're in groups. I think, Jessica's Bitches is a great name for my group!

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The only name I suggested and got passed through out my life so far is Saltines. The reason is that we had a sub and had to get in groups. My group was two other white guys so since we are all crackers we went with Saltines.

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@Except some crackers are black dot dot dot. Also that is kinda white supreme sissy

1. As far as I could find Saltine only make two kind of cracker which both are more of a yellow color not black.
2. Cracker is a racial slur for white people which was the joke.
3. I believe by "dot dot dot" you mean "..." which is called an ellipsis.
4. How is that white supreme sissy?

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I'm in an engineering group and I came up with "Entrepreniggas."
Nobody liked it. http://ctrlv.in/122371

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It sucks being the only hilarious one in the group.

My names usually have to do with Doctor Who or Buffy. I think they're funny. wary smilie

... And then you get stuck being the "Trickled Pickles"

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I came up with BAMF and my group liked it but our teacher is young, only 31 so he said no haha, that and CHOCOLATEpants. They didn't like CHOCOLATEpants

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