If there was no religion, there would still be "religious" arguments and wars. They would just be about different things, like philosophies and cultures. Instead of identifying as different religions, people would identify as their philosophy, or something similar. The only difference would be that God wouldn't be in there. Amirite?

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False. Not saying there wouldn't be any conflict EVER, but the reason why religion is so dangerous is because it's dogmatic and with it you will have large numbers of people claiming that god is on THEIR side. People thinking this way is precisely the root of many atrocities that have been committed over the course of history. Without such dogma, it disappears, and this is an observable fact today.

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That's a good point. What I was trying to say was that if religion didn't exist, then people would find something else to identify as and argue about. Getting rid of religion wouldn't stop all those things from happening, because people would just find something else to argue about. I didn't even think about heaven, and promises of an afterlife.

This was just something I thought of, and I was wondering what people would say.

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I'm pretty sure everything would just be more about politics than about religiopolitics.

Conflict would still occur, just not as vehemently as religion fueled conflicts.

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People will always fight, so why give them even more tools to do so?

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