You wonder if Harry Potter would've been as popular if he'd had a different name. Bartholomew Perkins just doesn't have the same ring to it, amirite?

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Yer a wizard Bartholomew.

Yeah I see what you mean.

Bartholomew Perkins
The boy who lived.

Harry Potter, as in the book or the character in the story? If it was the character, then yes he still would've been popular. Names aren't a problem in the wizarding world lol; people named Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black were still popular all around the wizarding world

But if his name had always been Bartholomew Perkins, that's what we would be used to hearing, so it wouldn't seem that strange.

My theory is that It has to be 4 syllables or less. Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, James Potter, Sirius Black, etc. The only person to break this that I have thought about so far is Hermione Granger.

Well part of the appeal of Harry Potter is that he doesn't see himself as anything special. "I'm just. . . Harry."

Bartholomew Perkins is a hard name to say, for me at least. It's like you have to keep repeating it to finally get it right. I do agree with WWWYKI, though, that if that had been the "boy-who-lived's" name from the start, people would get used to it, eventually.

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