If you were to pick the most socially backwards country in the modern world, you'd pick Iran, amirite?

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I guess if I had to define "backwards" I would use it referring to human rights abuses. So the award probably goes to the N. Korean government

Congratulations on generalizing. What the American media says about the government is not the same as what the society is like. They're a very modern and well developed nation. In some ways, they're more civilized than the US; in some ways, less. I reccomend you watch A Separation, the Iranian film that won Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. It's an eye-opener to Iranian society.

Just because they have different ideas doesn't make them "backwards." Society has no backwards or forwards.

The Congo

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Israel or America.

North Korea?

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There aren't socially backward countries, just different cultures. You are probably considered extremely uncivilized by someone you would consider barbaric.

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