More often than not, it is the woman with a past who tends to be drawn to the man without a future. Amirite?

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There is no claim on the statement being true on my part as the poster. It is why there is the qualifying question "amirite?" at the end. It is a question that solicits agreement or not which is the premise that I understood the website is built-on. There is no sexist motive but I accept that there will be sexist interpretations. That usually happens when we overthink or second-guess the intentions of a poster. I could have interchanged the genders and wrote it as "man with a past and woman without a future" but at this point, I am not very hopeful that it will change the allusions to my person. Just to reply to one comment, I am an engineer.

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Well people, men and women, who grow up in less than ideal homes are probably more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, or do other things that might be considered having a "past." Also, people often are attracted to people who remind them of their parents, because people like familiar things. And if the parents were the cause of this "past," then these people may seek a partner just like them, which may include having no future.

All of that aside, I still don't like this post.


severe case of butthurt .

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