If your a girl and you wanna have sex with a guy, all you have to do is have boobs and look at him, amirite?

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That is exactly how I had sex with Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe, and David Beckham. I just stick out my boobs and look at people then BAM! they just rip their pants for me. It's that easy.

Please, I highly doubt this is true. Even if it is true I don't want to be that girl that a guy wakes up next to the morning after feeling regret and disgust, I want to be the girl a guy wakes up next to feeling love and affection... and maybe a little horny.

Sure a guy will have sex with a girl he doesn't like or doesn't feel attraction towards if he's extremely desperate (and probably piss drunk) but that's not what most girls want. Most (and I say "most" because some girls actually just want sex without any complications) girls want a guy that actually cares about more than her vagina and boobs; most don't just want sex, most want the intimacy that comes with the sex as well.

This is from my experience as a girl, I'm not speaking for all of womankind. I haven't even had sex yet so don't take me too seriously.

@ilikefurrywolves4815 *you're

Fuck I just realized that :/ sorry it's late

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It's not that easy. Then again, it's not much more difficult.

I'd rather a girl have a modicum of intelligence, as opposed to just.. tits

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