It's cool to think about what amirite users could be or have done; they could be one of the top athletes in their country, a chess master, have climbed Mt. Everest, a child genius, rich, or famous and we have no idea, amirite?

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I (read a book about someone who) climbed Mount Everest.

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I'm secretly Allstate. shh smilie

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@acisseJ saggy bitch tits!

I get that a lot. smirk smilie

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@Statefarm I get that a lot.

Or they'll read the rest of the comments and take it back. Oh no! I'm giving them ideas!swt smilie

cool smilie

I won a spelling bee back in 5th grade...

Im a slightly homosexual, squid obsessed, green haired, pointy eared, millionare, female treasure hunter.

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There's something familiar about one of the people in his display pic, but I can't put my finger on it ...


What do you mean by the longest squash marathon? Longest rally/game/match?

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I'm all of the above.

What really feels weird to think about is that I could live on the floor above an amirite user. And one day, I could be messaging them, with no idea that if I just walked down a flight of stairs and knocked on a door, I could be having that conversation in person. O.o

I was the 2012 Riverside County Academic Decathlon Physical Science 1st place winner but that's all I've got. Here's proof: Image in content I'm in the tan suit.

so....where do you live again?

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i'm a 18 years old hammer throw champion in my country :) Image in content

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