We don't know the time or place we'll die. But what if everyone knew someone else's time and place of death. You wouldn't search out for the person who knew your time. But that would make an awesome movie, amirite?

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I read a book similar to this called Numbers by Rachel Ward. The main girl sees the date of a person's death when she looks in their eyes. It gets pretty cool. Might be worth a read!

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Wow that would be a great movie. Hollywood get on that!

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I read a short story about this once. A woman was able to tell the time and place of any person's death, so her husband decided to start a business in which his wife would tell someone (for a fee) the time and place of their death so they could prevent it, but if they didn't pay up, they had no choice but to die at said time and place. At the end, the woman predicts her husband's death, but before she can tell him the time and place, she dies.

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that is pretty bad :/ lol

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