Sometimes you start doing something jokingly/ironically but then it becomes part of your normal behavior because of how often you do it, amirite?

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Saying "lololol" irl... so embarrassing

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When I greet people I say hiiiiiiiii in a really high voice.

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You face started out in a joking/ironic way and then became apart of your normal behavior. smirk smilie

I also end a lot of sentences with "yo".

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My buddy and I calling each other "bro/brah/brozinski/etc". I die a little inside every time I do it, but I can't stop

Exactly the case with "your mom" jokes.
Immature, but classic

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Saying "omg" outloid and hashtagging when not on Twitter... I turned into a 12 yr old.

Doing a welsh accent whenever i'm at my grandparents' house. (They're welsh)

I started pronouncing lol like, well, lol, sarcastically, and now I say it too much. My friends hate me.

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I started to say hmmph too much

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soooooo true

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My sister & I used to talk all funny and pronounce words all wrong just for fun until we couldn't say those words any other way.

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