The American Civil War was not about slavery, but the southern states' ability to have slavery, amirite?

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Thus making it about slavery.

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World war 2 wasn't about taking over the world, it was about the Nazis taking over the world lolwut smilie

I think what OP is trying to say was that the Civil War was fundamentally a conflict about states' rights, which is probably true. But slavery was definitely at the focus of it.

The OP being from Canada made me laugh.

I think you were thinking "expansion of slavery" not ability

Although there were several factors that started the war together, it was mostly about state's right, taxation, and simple social differences. The south decided to secede, declaring itself The Confederate States of America. Around this time the tension got so high that things just exploded. Slavery was a major factor, but it didn't become a huge one until later in the war.

@OP: isnt that the same thing?

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