People who are 18 or older: You plan to vote this year, amirite?

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no, I am canadian.

@ARandomPerson no, I am canadian.

Exactly. There are no elections running in Ireland this year.

I'm 17 currently but I plan on voting this year since my birthday is a week before the election HOW DO I ANSWER TO THIS POST????

I'm 18 and I've lived in the US for 15 years...except when I applied for a green card when I was 7 they didn't get it to me until I turned 14. So consequently I can't apply for citizenship yet...need five years on a green card. Fuuuuck.

I was going to but my voters registration card got lost with my wallet.

This post kinda makes me proud. I thought my generation cared a lot less than this posts score seems to indicate.

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