You've wondered if high school in America really is how it is portrayed in the movies like with the extremes of each 'clique'. Amirite?

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Mine's not.

It was when I was in school- the only thing missing from the movies are the kids like me that didn't belong to any cliques but had friends in all of them.. Hmm wait, that might have been Glee.

Mine is not, in that even though we all have different friend groups, those groups totally coexist just fine, and they're not based on interests, just on who gets along with whom. As a matter of fact, I find my own clique to be pretty isolating; I have no clue what anyone else is up to, and that's just fine by me.

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The closest it comes to this at my school is if you are in a group with someone then you tend to hang out with them like you see cheerleaders/football players/band/etc. sitting together but that is because they are friends not because they would fit into a clique. The only exclusion is that only band people can go into the band room, only people on a sports team can practice during their respective sport practices.and so on and so forth.

It's not at mine either. Honestly, the clique-iest groups at my school are the marching band (like stepdom said, you can't go into the band room if you're not band or closely accompanied by a member) and the people in the plays and musicals, for pretty much the same reason.

My school has a lot of groups, but they intersect a lot, and aren't nearly as secluded or exclusive as one might think. people usually fit into a few (or the kids that don't fit into any are a group of their own)

Not really, everyone's friends with everyone at my school. Some of them just tolerate each other's presence, but there aren't really vast differences between cliques.

To an extent. Like band kids and theatre kids and cheerleaders and so on all hang out together often, but it isn't rigid cliques.

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Marching band is not a clique. It's a cult. >:)

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Mine's not.

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