Guys: When you jack off into a fruit, you microwave it first, amirite?

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Pretty sure that this post is the reason that that smiley exists on this website.

Yeah but it hurts after a few times. I mean, it can't be healthy to microwave your penis.

... I always thought only girls use plants to masturbate...

I love fruit, don't get me wrong. Just not that much.

This is so fucked up. the things people will do for sexual gratification. XC

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... No it isn't. You're not a man, so you don't know what we would do...

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I thought you were supposed to cut a hole in the fruit, microwave it, then fuck it?

I think it gives you cancer

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what does that have to do with anything?

@The_Artist what does that have to do with anything?

When you get testicular cancer your balls get ginormous and then you cut them off to make coats.

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Testi-coats. lol

Once I cummed into my girlfriends yogurt and put in the fridge. She never wanted to swallow so she deserved it. Maybe that's why she said I wasn't boyfriend material and broke up with me.

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