Political affiliations aside, it is infuriating when people refer to Romney as being stupid and undereducated. He is incredibly well educated and intelligent, as is Obama. Just because one's political opinions doesn't line up directly with those of the candidates doesn't make them stupid, amirite?

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The fact that he wondered why you can't open airplane windows though...

I generally respect most of what he says and I don't think he's stupid. However, I can understand why people call him stupid based off some of what he has said and a lot of how he is portrayed.

Yeah, and I actually thought Romney did alright in the debates.

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With these two candidates I agree. In the past, however, there have been some candidates that have failed my "a person must clearly be more intelligent than me to be a good president" test. George W. and Sarah Palin leap to mind. After watching the first Romney/Obama debate, I was relieved both candidates were obviously very intelligent.

Thank you.

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i don't think it's mitt, i think it comes down to the people voting for him. they're more disappointing than he is.

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