It seems like a lot of the people who don't understand or appreciate Gangnam Style fully don't have the willpower to look up and understand the translation of the lyrics. It's calling for society to adopt a more chivalrous, gentlemanly swag. In a generation where a lot of the despised teenagers simply scream YOLO or $WAG, it's refreshing to see there is still some manners and politeness in the music industry, even if it comes from overseas. amirite?

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"Dress classy, dance cheesy" - Psy

I just think its an awesome banging song

holy SHIT I'm sick of explaining this. MUSIC is not just "pop" music. There are TRILLIONS of songs out there. Not all of them are about sex and drugs and $WAG. If you don't like the themes, listen to a different kind of music! Nobodys forcing these things down your throat, so don't call it refreshing when one of these mysterious songs that people outside the trap of popular culture listen to becomes popular. It's not refreshing because there was always politeness in the music industry! Just nobody shoved it down your ears! /rant

It's about being noble during the day time and going crazy at night.

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That still doesn't change the fact that it's overplayed and annoying. As an avid listener/fan of kpop, I can say it's one of the most annoying songs to come out this year. #ailin

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I don't care about the meaning of the lyrics... I find the song unpleasant to listen to and the video makes me feel physically sick. And although I actually have an excellent ability to just tune out songs I don't like, this song is so bad that it just doesn't work.

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