It makes the author seem kind of conceited when their name is larger than the actual title of their book, amirite?

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My theory is that really well-known authors do this because whatever is written bigger will be seen first. People are more likely to walk past a bookshelf and see "Stephen King" then go look at it to see what book it is, than to see "The Colorado Kid" and go see who wrote it.

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Like Stephen King and R.A. Salvatore? lol cocky bastards

It makes me irrationally angry when books just have a giant picture of the author as a back cover.

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What if the book is self-titled?

@PhatTim What if the book is self-titled?

Then unless it's an autobiography, the author's pretty conceited. If it is an autobiography, the author's probably still at least a little conceited.

My opinion will change if I ever get published, I'm sure.

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