You appreciate it when a school/team does not use the traditional red and/or blue as its team colors, amirite?

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My football team is so comfortable with their manliness that they wear purple.

Shoooot...my school's colors are red AND blue

Junior high was maroon, high school is teal... no college yet!

My school colors are brown and yellow. I'd be very happy to have red and blue instead.

My primary school had orange, white and blue. I was in orange house and everyone thought I was in white house because my surname is White.
My high school had Heath (red), Aloe (white) and Protea (green). I was in Heath.
Yay for homeschool and the lack of stupid sports events and houses.

My college was the standard blue, but my high school was green and purple. Pretty disgusting, but I appreciate their originality.

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