Why don't we all just get together in a group and make a decision to stop judging people for what they wear? If a girl wants to wear a super low cut top and booty shorts, who the fuck really cares? It doesn't affect you, amirite?

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But how else would I fill the time in between classes? cool smilie

In all seriousness, if you wear something odd people will assume things about you and that's fair enough. You dress in a formal way for a job interview, do you think we should be able to go to them in a jersey and shorts or something? Of course not, because we dress with what we're doing in mind.

So when you see a girl with her tits so far out that you think you might be able to see her nipples and her shorts are nearly as small as your belts it's fair enough to assume, "hey, she's probably trying to attract a guy who'll have sex with her at her leasure."

@Len But how else would I fill the time in between classes? In all seriousness, if you wear something odd people...

It's one thing to assume that about her, it's another to talk shit about her or treat her differently. Who cares if it's true?

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It really does... Especially when I puke at the sight of some people exposing way more than anyone wants to see puke smilie Lolz, but seriously... I don't mind if people dress like skanks. It's when they complain about how people treat them with no respect and how men treat them poorly when they dress like they have no respect for themselves to begin with.

This won't work as long as people like me exist.

They do affect me, though! They make me happy and have a hard time concentrating on other stuff!

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So you're assuming that just because someone wears a low cut top occasionally or some short shorts that they are a "slut" and have all these undesirable personality traits and (from what I gathered about your comment about welfare) are going to have a child they cannot support? That's a very large assumption to make from such a small amount of information. Maybe the girl is typically not confident but is feeling really good about herself that day, thinks her legs look great and a miniskirt is just the way to show them off?

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Well it actually leads me to believe that the reason you dislike these people is not because of how they dress, but their other personality traits, such as being unintelligent or not nice, and you only dislike their clothing choices because you already dislike the person.

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I'll be honest about myself, I'm a slut. The number of people I've had sex with is one person away from being in the double digits and I wear some not so classy clothes sometimes. I'm getting an associates in science so I can be a physics major, I'm not unintelligent. I'm not shallow, I date guys because I like them no matter what they look like. I'm on the pill and I use condoms. Being a slut isn't an indicator of anything you said. I'm not superficial, you are.

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