What's been happening to Lance Armstrong is so disappointing after all of the charity work he has done with Livestrong, amirite?

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I think it's funny that they are making a big deal about it. He was dirty in the dirtiest sport in the world. His charity is doing incredible things for cancer research, but all anyone cares about is cycling.

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I didn't realize it at first, but he ruined cycling for a lot of athletes, whom would've won an honest game if he didn't win himself by cheating.

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or how about its just so disappointing

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All of his teammates gave him up for drug use. Also, the race directors said something's about Lance Armstrong's attempt to bribe them for the automatic win.

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I'm pretty sure his wife also said something about him hiding drugs. Also, this was 10+ people giving him up, I doubt that they would only do this for the "fame". I believe they also stripped Levi Leipheimer, another cyclist, of his titles as they gave him up, too. It's more than likely that the situation is completely and sadly true.

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