You have been effected in one or more ways in you life by cancer, amirite?

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An old teacher of mine's wife went through Breast cancer. You could tell just how much he cared about her. Last year it came back. I feel terrible for him, the day he found out he asked us all if we had any other class we could go to so he could be by himself.
I really hope they're doing OK.

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Well I agree with you wary smilie

My mom and grandma both passed from cancer and one of my friends was diagnosed with leukemia last year but she's doing okay

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My grandmother died of lung cancer about six years ago. Also, a good friend of mine last year got me significantly stressed out by telling me that "when [he] was younger [he] had cancer" but not telling me ANYTHING else. So I was affected in that sense as well.

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My paternal grandma, paternal grandfather, maternal grandma, my god father, and my friend's mom all died from cancer. My maternal grandfather and two neighbors I'm close with have cancer but are doing okay. Also may friend's little sister who is only ten years old had cancer, but I think she's alright now.

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My grandma just passed away from lung cancer a couple weeks ago.

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My great grandma and my grandpa died from it. My aunt had breast cancer but she survived. And I also might have a gene mutation that causes cancer but it won't affect me until I'm older.

My mom had oral cancer back in 2005. My grandma passed away in May because of pancreatic cancer (worst day of my life). My aunty's in the hospital for cancer. A guy I knew once, Mel, died from stomach cancer. I fucking hate cancer.

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Now days, there is no stigma attached to having the disease ... but in years past the family were kept shut out from what was really going on and very little information was passed on to them until too late ... was this right?

My sister had leukemia when she was younger, she's alright now. About five years ago my grandfather passed away from throat cancer and the whole summer he started getting sick me and my sister stayed at his house with him and then he came to live with us a few months.

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