If I let my friend borrow my Silverado and he gets in a wreck and dies, his parents should have to buy me a new truck, amirite?

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If your insurance doesn't cover damage when someone else is driving it then you shouldn't have lent your car out to anyone.

Oh man... R.I.P. Silverado, you'll be missed.

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I care about my friends more than my material possessions but that doesn't mean when my friends cost me my material possessions I should not want the money back just because my friend spent it.

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No matter how great their loss is, it doesn't mean that you didn't also lose out. In addition, if was their son's own fault and if he can't compensate you, then his parents should. THis is an extension of two wrongs don't make a right, in which a great wrong does not negate a smaller wrong.

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It partly depends on what caused the accident. Was it the cause of your friend, the cause of another person, or just an unavoidable accident? Either way, it isn't really the responsibility of your friend's parents, unless your friend is under 18 I suppose.

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