When you think of Asians, you think of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people, and not of Russians or Indians, even though though they are from Asia as well, amirite?

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Also, this isn't really true for people in the UK - who tend to think of Asians as Indians and Pakistanis. Chinese/Korean/Japanese used to be known as "orientals" and indeed still are by some. Interesting how immigration affects our pereceptions!

Yeah! And what about the Mongolians and the Afghans and the Malaysians ... and all the other smaller nations, like North and South Korea and Tibet etc etc?

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And when you think of Caucasians, you think of white people, not Indians or Arabs.

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The russian population do not live in asia, the russians are european. The area above asia that russia occupies is siberia, basically nobody lives there. Russians aren't asians.

I think of Indians.

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