Even though being a kid has its benefits, being an adult is more awesome. Kids are fed lies about how bad the next step will be (no late work is accepted, cursive is required, etc), but the next step is worth the pains. Most kids are chained to their parents, lack money, & have to do homework. If an adult chooses, then he doesn't have to do work on weekends. Adults choose their city, their house, their room, and even where they sleep in the room. Screw childhood. Being an adult is awesome, amirite?

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They have to go to school (and do homework). Bills are worth it. Taxes are something that you do once a year. If you aren't atrocious with money, then taxes aren't that bad.

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Depends what kind of adult life it is.

@MusicIsAGift Depends what kind of adult life it is.

Also depends on what the childhood is like.

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If I chose I don't have to do work on the weekends? really I wish my boss understood that. And you get to chose where you live depending on how much money you make. Getting a place is really expensive. My apartment, just the downpayment was 1700 dollars. And now i'm buying a house and the downpayment is even more expensive. like 10,000 range. I admit the "freedom" of being an adult is awesome but the responsibility is quite overwhelming at times. Think about the biggest test you've had so far. How much studying you had to do and all the work you put into it. That's adult life constantly, and until you get used to it its hard to enjoy the extra freedom you get.

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