You trust Wikipedia, amirite?

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I know that anyone can change the information, but I still go to Wikipedia to get like a general overview of something. Then, maybe see if other, more credible sources say the same thing

It seems silly to me when teachers say not to use it because "anyone can edit it." I can understand if it doesn't have all the details or if some parts are wrong, but I don't think anyone spends their time retyping the history of ancient burial tombs in America.
I think the Justin Bieber page is more likely to get changed for the fun of it.

@cheeseisyourfriend It seems silly to me when teachers say not to use it because "anyone can edit it." I can understand if it doesn't...

My teacher claims that she changes history pages and such for the fun of it, but you can't always trust her.

Wiki is my fucking bro.

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Also, every edit is credited with a source to another website, which is listed a t the bottom with the rest of the citations. If there's no source, it'll let you know. Teachers can be so ignorant

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Sure anyone can change it but there are people constantly monitoring the site so if any information is changed, it is corrected fairly quickly. My APUSH teacher told the whole class that the information for American History was correct and that we were allowed to use it.

I trust Wiki - especially when my edits have been there for a long time and others are citing my additions - of COURSE I trust Wiki (well , most of the time)

Wikipedia has people constantly verifying the information being submitted. Above all else wikipedia is meant to be an online encyclopedia, therefore we should be able to trust what we read from it

Its a great starting place. The citations are incredibly helpful if I need to do lots of research for a paper or something.

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