It would better for a person to follow the morals of a religion and not have faith in it, than for someone to oppose the morals of their religion, while having faith, Amirite?

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because without morals you can use faith to justify immoral things. without faith you still have morals to make you a good person in life

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Good point. there are things in the bible and other religious teachings that are misaligned with contemporary morals. However, i think the core teachings that still apply to today's society should be prioritized over faith

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I, too, think they should look to themselves, because it's the things around you that make you who you are. It's the observations we make about our world that define right and wrong, not somebody else's observations of a different world from thousands of years ago. However, there are some ideas that remain the same, and as long as people accept ideas with caution, then even religious teachings with many flaws can lead people to new ideas. However, accepting the ideas of a religion without any morals is dangerous because you can make anything right with it. Even the flawed and outdated morals of religion, if accepted with every outdated idea and belief, can give a person a tight enough leash to stray from accepting extremely dangerous, radical, or inhumane ideas


You're right though- neither guarantee that a person will have good morals

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I think you read the post backwards- that's what I'm advocating

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