I have a right to be angry that my boyfriend still texts his ex girlfriend, amirite?

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Text? No.
Sext? Get him.

The right to be? Yes. Does it make sense? Maybe. It's easy to be jealous in that situation. Instead of being pissed behind his back, though, you should confront him in the nicest way you can and let him know that it bothers you even if he's not cheating.

He can talk to whoever he wants. As long as they're just talking you have no right to be angry

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Technically, you have the right to feel whatever you want. I NW'd because I think you mean it's reasonable. No it's not. He's just talking (sort of). It's reasonable to be a little uncomfortable, but not to be angry.

I don't understand why people are NW'ing this. It's perfectly reasonable to be jealous/angry, as long as you can push it aside and don't let it get to you that much.
Now, if you're beside yourself with anger, you probably shouldn't be in that relationship because there is a huge lack of trust.

It also partly depends on the way he is talking to her. If it is how he would talk to any other female friend, then not really. But if he's talking to her in a way that isn't as just friends, then yes.

Dump his ass.

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