When you're writing fiction, sometimes you have no control over the characters. "Why did Harvey buy a zeppelin?" "I don't know, you'll have to ask him that." amirite?

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Finally, someone understands.

"You just made your character drop the F bomb like six times."

"I can't MAKE him do anything."

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I've been trying to control my character's too much lately. Maybe that's why my writing hasn't been as satisfying. It's much more authentic when they take on a life of their own, even if you don't particularly like the life they've chosen.

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Yeah, my character named himself Agnes. AGNES. Not typically a guy's name.

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Thank you so much for this.
People who don't write rarely understand this. A good character takes a life of its own, and once it's done that, I can't make him/her do anything. People will be like, "You're the writer; just make her do it!" All the while I'm wondering what to do because my character somehow ended up in Mexico when a novel is supposed to be set in California or something weird like that.

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