One reason winter is nice because when you go to bed you get to crawl under a pile of warm blankets and go to sleep. But in the summer you're sweating so uncomfortably it makes it difficult to fall asleep, amirite?

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However, the winter makes it hard to get out of bed :(

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Another is that all those annoying insects are gone.

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winter is better all the way

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This is a throwback style amirite? post. Once upon a time all posts looked loke this, now most are just meaningless bromidic inspirational quotes. And also yes I agree, an unsung quality of cold weather seasons

@fuzala say whaaaaaat? I put amirite? at the end several times

More than anything I was referencing that this is a subjective opinion phrased in such a way that it ends up being a yes or no question about an experience most people can relate to. I haven't been active on this site for probably more than a year, and whenever I poke my head in the door I see a ton of 'motivational' photos and quotes that I usually have already seen retweeted off sincerlytumblr or something of the like by teenage girls. This is a good post and you may be a quality user, I will investigate this final claim further right meow.

I can't relate to this, because it's still hot enough at night that I can barely have the sheet on without sweating like crazy.