Americans: it's kind of weird how much people from other countries know about the presidential election, because you rarely follow politics in other countries, amirite?

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It's because we don't want to die in a nuclear apocalypse.

I wish Canadians would get half as excited about our own politics as most do about the States' election.

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Well, the US is kind of a big deal...

@Sewcdf Well, the US is kind of a big deal...

Canadians are paying attention because US-Canadian trade is heavy and if a president breaks the link then we is sad :( :P

It's important to us this year especially, because although you may not notice it, but George Bush, like his father, fucked up the whole world and made a lot of enemies out there. So Obama first went to repair those alliances, because even if the us has the strongest military, china, Russia, France, and possibly Germany, as well as Al Qaida would be a very large threat in your weakened state. And he also worked very hard to help rebuild the world Bush destroyed just so he and Cheney could make money off weapons and oil. Maybe Obama hasn't done what you expected of him in your country, but sometimes helping other people is more necessary if they're suffering more than you. Romney would have continued the war, a war that had no cause originally, and pissed of many world leaders. Even though some of us may not like your country, we don't want a new world war, and so we really wanted Obama to be re-elected.
If you don't believe me, ask about 5 non Americans if they think Obama is doing a good job, in my experience, about 90% is quite satisfied.

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@lemmethink You seem to understand American politics better than some voting Americans do.

Politics is sometimes interesting. I also know that the whole world economy crisis was caused by one man who committed a fraud, I think it was fraud, and he only got a couple years prison sentence. And he knew what he was doing when he sold those failing contracts

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