I am blonde, thus my hair is "yellow", like the brightest color, like the crayon, which is in a box, so that makes it the brightest crayon in the box, like the saying, so by transitive property blondes are smarter than most people, amirite?

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My hair is brown, like the color of human excrement. Obviously, this means I belong in a toilet, amirite?

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I don't think blondes are smarter nor dumber. So stop giving yourself a bad name...

if brightness of colours of crayons depicts how smart you are, you would be black

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I kinda think lime green is the brightest color in the crayon box.

Have you seen crayons?
yellow is like next to white in color brightness
try red lol

I favorited this because I love irony.

Successful troll is successful.

hah its"sharpest crayon in the box"

blonde is closer to tan than yellow...

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You're a disgrace to all blondes

...and people wonder why I dyed my naturally blonde hair to auburn. Yeesh.

Because of this post, I am slightly ashamed to call myself a natural blonde. :/

Nah, that just makes blondes even dumber.

This didn't kill the stereotype, I'm sorry.

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It's this kind of stupid logical pitfall that gives us blonds a bad name.

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Wow, so many people don't get the joke...?

i thought it was a joke... but people on the internet man. you know how they are.

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