This universe is way too small for earth to be the only planet that supports life. Their could be a Pokemon planet, Na'Vi planet, a place where mythical creatures(Unicorns, faeries, elves, etc.), or even a Legend of Zelda world! amirite?

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uhhhh you mean the universe is way too big??

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Wouldn't it be interesting if every time something fictional was made, an entire planet in the universe was made to host that piece of fiction? So we could travel deep into space and find planets with all sorts of creatures from video games or movies.

Uhm... yes there could be other life but I truly doubt its anything we could conjure up. Probably non-carbon based life... like hydrogen based life!

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@Jonesy Uhm... yes there could be other life but I truly doubt its anything we could conjure up. Probably non-carbon based...

I'd say silicon based life it is much more related to carbon and hydrogen can't be the central atom holding everything together. My bad for my comment I just had really contemplated this before.

@Jonesy Who said they we're solid structures?

Yeah it could happen hydrogen can double bond but it is highly unstable but given the right circumstance that our environment can't provide maybe hydrogen based life could occur. Granted we would most likely not see it thrive since we maybe would not survive in it's environment and visa versa.

I don't think life on other planets would be based off the imaginations of people on this one.

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You are thinking too 2 dimensionally. What happens when you get to the end of the seemingly endless universe? There is a big wall around everything? Perhaps there are things outside our universe, like down black holes or in between atoms. I believe that on some plain of existence anything we can imagine is a tangible physically existing entity free of its creator. Like we were imagined by some creator in another realm we haven't seen yet, if you are a religious type, but we are now given free choice, will, emotion, all the gifts that the creator could care to give us. Or maybe none if it is imagined at all. Maybe we can't imagine our own original thoughts as we perceive we do. Maybe all your original ideas were just you seeing another reality or dimension but since you saw it mentally not physically you deem it to be all in your mind. I guess the mind is the X factor here. 10% is way to small a percentage of the brain being used to expect that we have unlocked its potential.

Pssst... Hyrule. ;)

If this is true... Total dibs on the next rocket going to the Pokemon planet!

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Shit, don't remind me about the Bugger planet...

I think you mean the universe is way too big, not small.

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so exciting!! :D

I'd hope those weren't the other planets.. LAME

I don't know if I can agree with this or disagree with it. But I do know that this post is very silly!
That's really all there is to say about the matter.

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