You know America is messed up when 11% of the country is in favor of a communist takeover, and only 7% is in favor of congress, amirite?

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@TheBlindMan Source?

Lol, the communist voted down he who asked for a source...

When Minitrue says we're at war with Eurasia, no sources are needed, just the man yelling in the middle of a street.

@TheBlindMan Source?

This isn't true anymore, but it was in November last year. Sources:


Congress's current approval rating is about 16%. Still pretty abysmal.

I abstain from voting until you cite your sources.

says the communist cat...

Your statements are ambiguous and unsupported. I get that 11% of Americans think that communism could be a good thing, but what does the Congress statement mean? Are you saying that 7% of people think democracy is good or are you saying that Congress has a 7% approval rating?

The latter statement seems more likely and completely irrelevant to the first statement regarding communism.

C'mon kitty, this post is dry, let's have some sauce.

And it better be from more than one study.

You should be happy about that.

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this is posted under animals...?

That reflects a problem with congress, not America. Unless you were referring to America's political system and not America's population. In that case, disregard this comment.

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