Hostess said "We're losing money, we have to cut your pension by 2%." Union said "Umm... No. We're going on strike." Hostess said "We CANNOT keep running. We'll close at exactly 5 pm on 11/15 if you don't reach an agreement." Union called the bluff, and lost it. Hostess cupcakes and Twinkies were a classic. It's pretty sad they're gone... Amirite?

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I think this whole thing is hilarious just because how bad it turned out for the union workers.. "we want money! We're goin on strike!" Hostess: you can't do that, we're barely making it as it is.. "youre lying. STRIKE" :) Hostess: you're outta a job. How'd that work out for you?? :)

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My mom and I predict that they will re-open at some point as non-union, just like Fanny May did. Just a theory here...

@StacytheHarlot My mom and I predict that they will re-open at some point as non-union, just like Fanny May did. Just a theory here...

I think they will reopen too. I watched a girl flip out 2 days ago because there was no Wonder Bread. She was like, "OMG! That was made by Hostess, wasn't it?!?! AHHH!!!"

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Hah. Did you know that all while this was going on, and poor Hostess was going oh so bankrupt, they were giving HUGE bonuses to the executives? They tripled the pay of the CEO and suddenly decided to ask their workers to take pay cuts. Plus, they were going through a decrease in customers and also debt.

Making any huge company seem like a benevolent host that'll give up anything for their workers is a stretch. They exist, but it shouldn't be assumed that way.



hey, it's all good. If you have the patience to do this...

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Fucking unions. At one point they were essential, now they've gone too far.

Unions have too much power nowadays

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@WinniethePooh Unions have too much power nowadays

Unions used to help prevent fatal working conditions. Now they're just being a pain.

I'm kinda glad they're gone
one less temptation for me
but there's still a lot of junk food varieties out there so I guess there's not a great difference

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